Latest new(t)s

Our herpetology workshop in April-May 2019 finished with a impressive list of 30 species of reptiles and amphibians.

The list included:

  1. Fire salamander                         (Salamandra salamandra)
  2. Buresh crested newt                 (Triturus ivanbureschi)
  3. Smooth newt                              (Lissotriton vulgaris)
  4. Yellow-bellied toad                   (Bombina variegata)
  5. Eastern spadefoot toad            (Pelobates syriacus)
  6. Common toad                            (Bufo bufo)
  7. Green toad                                  (Bufotes viridis)
  8. Common tree frog                    (Hyla arborea)
  9. Greek stream frog                     (Rana graeca)
  10. Marsh frog                                  (Pelophylax ridibundus)
  11. Spur-thighed tortoise               (Testudo graeca)
  12. Herman’s tortoise                     (Testudo hermanni)
  13. European pond terrapin          (Emys orbicularis)
  14. Red-eared slider                        (Trachemys scripta elegans)
  15. Balkan terrapin                         (Mauremys rivulata)
  16. Kotschy’s gecko                         (Mediodactilus kotschyi)
  17. Balkan green lizard                  (Lacerta trilineata)
  18. Eastern green lizard                 (Lacerta viridis)
  19. Erhard’s Wall Lizard                (Podarcis erhardii)
  20. Slow worm                                 (Anguis fragilis)
  21. Glass lizard                                (Pseudopus apodus)
  22. Worm snake                              (Xerotyphlops vermicularis)
  23. Caspian whip snake                 (Dolichophis caspius)
  24. Aesculapian snake                   (Zamenis longissimus)
  25. Leopard snake                          (Zamenis situla)
  26. Grass snake                               (Natrix natrix)
  27. Dice snake                                 (Natrix tessellata)
  28. Cat snake                                   (Telescopus fallax)
  29. Eastern Montpellier snake    (Malpolon insignitus)
  30. Nose-horned viper                  (Vipera ammodytes montandoni)

Most of them were very cooperative to posing in front of our cameras. So, we had opportunity to enjoy this creatures in their natural habitat.

We spent fantastic time into the richest of herpetofauna part in Bulgaria. In the morning the Sun was shining through the leaves of Platanus trees surrounded our hotel….such a nice way to woke up. Enjoy the coffee break and listening the birds singing. Late evenings we were fascinated by the chorus of the frogs singing in the wetlands.

I have no patience to hear, feel and experience this again!