My name is Miroslav Slavchev, I graduated my PhD of Zoology of the vertebrate creatures at Sofia University. I’m a tour leader for photo tours and workshops for reptiles, birds and macro photography. My passion for reptiles started when I was a child. Now I’m working as an Major assistant in the Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IBER-BAS) – Sofia. Associate in National Museum of Natural History (NMNH) in Sofia, I’m also a member of Bulgarian Herpetology Society and Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds / Birdlife Bulgaria.

But let me take you on an exciting adventure trip to the most inspiring places in my homeland!

Bulgaria may be just a small spot on the map of Europe but the beauty of the entire continent is gathered here!
No matter if you are enjoying our beautiful coastline on the Black Sea, or climbing up some high mountain peak, you’ll be amazed by the richness of Bulgaria’s wilderness, home of a huge diversity of animals and plants.
Besides having such unique natural treasures on its territory, Bulgaria is located on the cultural crossing point between West and East, between Europe and Asia. Our rich history, dating from times before the Romans, is manifested in an array of archaeological sites, preserved architectural complexes and exciting cultural traditions.
The Black Sea coast will mesmerize you with its long beaches and preserves of pristine dunes. If you are an admirer of the harsher side of the seascape, you should explore the picturesque cliffs looming over an exuberant underwater world.
The South of Bulgaria will take your breath away with its magnificent mountains – so close, and yet so different from each other. Come with us to Rila and Pirin Mountains and have a taste of the Bulgarian Alps on their rocky slopes; join us for a trip to the mysterious, magical world of the Rhodopes; or enjoy a touch of the Mediterranean climate in Strandzha and Sakar mountains or amazing Kresna gorge … We guarantee you that you’ll feel marvellous anywhere!
Then, let’s cross the Balkan Mountain – an impressive giant, a natural barrier running from west to east through the centre of Bulgaria, – and be transported to a totally different landscape: the North of Bulgaria is a huge plain, bordered by Europe’s biggest river – the mighty Danube, criss-crossed with wonderful rock formations, canyons and picturesque river valleys.
The West… Oh, these wild, remote mountains, hidden jewels of pristine nature! Spread along Bulgaria’s western border, these lands have some of the best preserved dynamic landscapes of mountains, foothills and valleys in the country!
According to the legend, when God distributed the lands among the peoples of the world, He forgot to give any to the Bulgarians… So He decided to give them a piece of Eden instead.

Welcome to Bulgaria!  Come and explore our Balkan jewel with us!

If you wish to visit Bulgaria and photograph birds or butterflies, professionally, please visit Emil Enchev’s website on  http://www.cometobg.com/

Here you can follow the links to my published scientific papers about Bulgarian herpetofauna.

Now I’m working on some other scientific papers also related with distribution, biology, ecology and protection of the reptiles and amphibians in Bulgaria . You can check the links, given below.

  1. Impact of fires on spatial distribution patterns of the Hermann’s tortoise (Testudo hermanni) in a heavily affected area in Bulgaria
  2. Diversity and Relationships of Vertebrate Fauna of Pastrina Hill, a Poorly Studied Hot-spot Karstic Region in Northwestern Bulgaria
  3. Spatial Distribution of Emys orbicularis (L., 1758) and Mauremys rivulata (Valenciennes, 1833) in the Lower Veleka River, Bulgaria: First Observations
  4. First record of the Balkan-Anatolian crested newt (Triturus ivanbureschi Arntzen & Wielstra, 2013) on the territory of the Nature Park “Shumensko plato”
  5. Emergence_and_dispersal_of_snakes_after_syntopic_hibernation.
  6. Dolichophis_caspius_Caspian_Whipsnake._Maximum_size
  7. Species_Diversity_of_Amphibians_and_Reptiles_in_Relation_to_Habitat_Diversity_at_a_Natura_2000_Area_in_NW_Bulgaria
  8. Updated_distribution_and_species_composition_of_the_amphibians_and_reptiles_along_the_Lower_Danube,_Bulgaria
  9. Comparison_of_methodologies_for_the_extraction_of_snakes’_Reptilia_Serpentes_skin_secretions_and_preliminary_results_on_the_presence_of_pheromones