Welcome to Bulgaria

Our country may be just a small spot on the map of Europe but the beauty of the entire continent is gathered here! Let us take you on an exciting adventure trip to the most inspiring places in our homeland! According to the legend, when God distributed the lands among the peoples of the world, He forgot to give any to the Bulgarians… So He decided to give them a piece of Eden instead. Welcome to Bulgaria! Come and explore our Balkan jewel with us!

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Explore the amazing Bulgarian nature

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On Black sea coast

For more details please visit Emil Enchev’s website   http://www.cometobg.com/

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In our wetlands

For details please visit Emil Enchev’s website     http://www.cometobg.com/  

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On our mountains

Most Bulgarian mountains bear a crown of old coniferous and mixed forests. By the end of winter a glorious spectacle takes place among the impressive tree giants. The most remote areas of our forests resound with the wondrous breeding call of the undisputed king of the grouse family: the Capercaillie. Join us in February-April for […]

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In our fields

Turquoise, sapphire, azure… The European Roller is a flying jewel, praise to the colour blue! This summer visitor is a guest from the south; and his charismatic performances in front of the camera are unrivalled, especially at sunrise or sunset.Our carefully designed hides will allow you to take breath-taking shots of the Roller in its […]

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For more details please visit Emil Enchev’s website http://www.cometobg.com/

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